Become a shareholder

How to become a shareholder ? Becoming a Nanobiotix shareholder means becoming a partner to a pioneering and leading company in a highly innovative sector.

There are two ways of holding shares: either as registered shares or as bearer shares.


When you own registered shares, your name is listed in the Company’s share register, making it easy for the Company to communicate with you. Registered shares come in two forms :


The shares are recorded in the accounts of Nanobiotix, but retained by your financial institution. In this case, your financial institution manages your share account (charges for the service).
Download the form to convert your shares to administered shares.


The shares are registered directly and exclusively in the accounts of Nanobiotix, which allows the Company to provide personalized service. In this case, the Company (or its representative) manages your account (no custody fees).

For a conversion to fully-registered shares, you should ask your broker to complete a fully-registered share conversion form.


When you own bearer shares, your name is not listed in the Company’s share register. Accounts of bearer shares are held by a broker (credit institution or investment firm).

To become a bearer shareholder: you can make a direct request to your bank or financial institution for Nanobiotix shares to be purchased on your behalf and register them on a securities account opened in your name.