Regulated information

This page contains all the Nanobiotix documents relating to the regulatory information required by the general regulations of the French market regulator (the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)). Most of them are therefore in French.
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Statement of Total Voting Rights and Shares Forming the Company's Share Capital as of June 30, 2021
Questions and Answers on Voting Procedures for the Annual General Meeting - AGM 2021
Depositary's Notice of Combined General Meeting of Nanobiotix S.A. - AGM 2021
Amemdment no. 2 to the Universal Registration Document 2019
Bordereau d'amendement n° D. 20-0339-A02 du 11 décembre 2020
Nanobiotix Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Appointment and compensation committee charter and internal rules of procedure
Audit committee charter and internal rules of procedure
Bordereau d'amendement n° D. 20-0339-A01 du 20 nov 2020
Amemdment to the Universal Registration Document 2019
Half-Year Financial Report 2020 (in French)
Universal Registration Document 2019 - May 12, 2020 (R20-010)
Annual Financial Report 2017 (in French)
Annual Financial Report 2015 (in French)
Half-Year Financial Report 2015 (in French)
Annual Financial Report 2014 (in French)
Half-Year Financial Report 2014 (in French)
Note d'opération Visa14-050 20 février 2014
Annual Financial Report 2013 (in French)
Half-Year Financial Report 2013 (in French)
Annual Financial Report 2012 (in French)
Document De Base enregistré le 10 sept 2012 I.12-043