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Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces Fast Track designation granted by U.S. FDA for investigation of first-in-class NBTXR3 in Head and Neck cancer
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces plan for global phase III Head and Neck cancer registration trial along with overall development update
Corporate | Nanobiotix receives the 2019 Prix Galien award for first-in-class Hensify
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces new results from pre-clinical immuno-oncology study at SITC 2019
Financial | Nanobiotix announces third quarter 2019 revenue
Scientific Clinical | Phase I study results show first-in-class NBTXR3 could present as a valuable option for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma or liver metastasis
Financial | Nanobiotix announces half year financial statements of june 30, 2019
Financial | Nanobiotix announces second quarter 2019 revenue
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces publication of phase III soft tissue sarcoma data for first-in-class NBTXR3 in the Lancet Oncology
Corporate | Nanobiotix announces new organizational structure as the company enters its next stage after first european market approval
Corporate | Nanobiotix appoints new chief medical officer as the company evolves after achievement of european market approval
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces the launch of Curadigm : A new nanotechnology platform for healthcare
Financial | Nanobiotix announces first quarter 2019 revenue
Financial | Laurent Levy, CEO, increases stake in Nanobiotix's capital
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces first ever radioenhancer to receive european market approval
Scientific Clinical | Combination of first-in-class NBTXR3, radiotherapy, and anti-PD-1 immunotherapy demonstrate efficacy in treating resistant pre-clinical in vivo models of lung cancer
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces its clinical registration plan in Head and Neck cancers for the United States following FDA feedback
Financial | Nanobiotix 2018 Annual Results
Financial | Nanobiotix receives €14 million through the second tranche disbursement of financing from the European Investment Bank
Financial | Nanobiotix 2018 Q4 and annual revenues
Financial | Nanobiotix Plans to Conduct Registered Public Offering in the United States
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix and MD Anderson Cancer Center announce a large-scale, comprehensive clinical collaboration on NBTXR3
Financial | Nanobiotix revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2018
Scientific Clinical | NANOBIOTIX: Positive phase II/III results for NBTXR3 in Soft Tissue Sarcoma presented at ESMO
Corporate | Nanobiotix receives first tranche disbursement of 16 million euros financing from European Investment Bank
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix to present positive results from its phase II/III clinical trial of NBTXR3 in patients with Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) and other ongoing phase I/II trials at upcoming ESMO and ASTRO annual conferences
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix: Update on Head and Neck Phase I/II Trial with NBTXR3 and Other program data presented at ImmunoRad 2018
Financial | Nanobiotix half year results for the six months ended June 30, 2018
Financial | Nanobiotix signs a 40 M€ non-dilutive financing agreement with the European Investment Bank
Financial | NANOBIOTIX revenue for the 2nd quarter of 2018
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces positive phase II/III topline data in soft tissue sarcoma with NBTXR3
Financial | NANOBIOTIX’ Management statement on recent share price variation
Financial | NANOBIOTIX revenue for the 1st quarter of 2018
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix partners with Weill Cornell Medicine on pre-clinical studies to evaluate the impact of NBTXR3 on cGAS-STING pathway in mammary cancers
Financial | NANOBIOTIX selected to enter Euronext’s Tech 40 Label
Scientific Clinical | AACR annual meeting 2018: Nanobiotix presented preclinical data showing NBTXR3 nanoparticles can activate the cGAS-STING pathway
Scientific Clinical | The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Nanobiotix have an agreement to run immunotherapeutic pre-clinical research in lung cancer combining NBTXR3 and Nivolumab
Financial | Nanobiotix 2017 Annual Results
Financial | Nanobiotix 2017 Q4 and annual revenues
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix presents first promising data from Phase I/II Liver Cancers trial of NBTXR3 at the American Society Of Clinical Oncology Gastrointestinal Annual Meeting
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix partners with the Providence Cancer Institute to run immunotherapeutic preclinical research in pancreatic cancers
Corporate | Nanobiotix: 2017 review and 2018 expected milestones
Scientific Clinical | FDA approves Nanobiotix’s first Immuno-Oncology trial
Financial | Nanobiotix revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2017
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix presented new clinical and pre-clinical data confirming NBTXR3’s significant potential role in Immuno-Oncology at SITC Annual Meeting
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix provides update on the global development of its lead product NBTXR3
Financial | Nanobiotix successfully completes approximately eur 27.2 million placement of new shares
Financial | Nanobiotix launches capital increase by means of an accelerated bookbuild offering
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix completes patient inclusion for Phase II/III trial of NBTXR3 in soft tissue sarcoma
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix plans to conduct its first clinical trial with NBTXR3 in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors in the U.S.
Financial | Nanobiotix half year results for the six months ended 30 June 2017
Financial | Nanobiotix revenues for the 2nd quarter of 2017
Scientific Clinical | NANOBIOTIX: new translational data presented at ASTRO, NCI AND SITC’S Immunotherapy Workshop
Scientific Clinical | NANOBIOTIX: promising data from phase I/II Head and Neck cancer trial with NBTXR3 presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Annual Meeting
Scientific Clinical | NANOBIOTIX announces first positive Human data showing that NBTXR3 could become a backbone in Immuno-Oncology
Financial | Nanobiotix revenue for the 1st quarter of 2017
Financial | Nanobiotix: 2016 Annual Results
Financial | Nanobiotix successfully completes approx. EUR 25.1 million private placement of new shares
Corporate | Nanobiotix expands its clinical development in Head and Neck cancer and Immuno-Oncology ; new clinical data to be presented at ASCO
Scientific Clinical | NANOBIOTIX: the Independent Data Monitoring Committee recommends the continuation of the ongoing phase II/III trial of NBTXR3 in Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix to present preclinical data on nanoparticle radioenhancer NBTXR3 at the AACR Annual Meeting 2017
Financial | Nanobiotix 2016 Q4 and annual revenues
Corporate | Nanobiotix appoints senior executive from pharmaceutical industry, as Chief Operating Officer
Corporate | Nanobiotix: 2016 review and 2017 anticipated milestones
Scientific Clinical | FDA approved Investigational New Drug for NBTXR3 in a new clinical study in prostate cancer
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix reports positive Phase I/II preliminary data on feasibility and safety of NBTXR3 in liver cancers trial
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix Provides Update on Global Development of Lead Product NBTXR3
Financial | Nanobiotix revenue for Q3 2016
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix presents NBTXR3 preclinical data demonstrating its potential usage as in situ vaccine for cancer
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix’s partner, PharmaEngine, has launched a new NBTXR3 clinical trial in head and neck cancers in Asia
Corporate | Nanobiotix Strengthens U.S. leadership with appointments of Head of U.S. Clinical Development and Director of Investor Relations
Financial | Bpifrance grants Nanobiotix a 2M€ interest-free loan to support final development stage of lead product, NBTXR3
Corporate | Nanobiotix announces submission for first market approval of lead product NBTXR3 in Europe
Financial | Nanobiotix half year results for the six months ended 30 June 2016
Financial | Nanobiotix revenue for Q2 2016
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix reports successful results from Phase I/II Trial of NBTXR3 in Head & Neck Cancer
Financial | Nanobiotix announces exercise of warrants by Capital Venture International
Corporate | Nanobiotix receives US$1m milestone payment from PharmaEngine
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix establishes promising preclinical proof-of-concept in Immuno Oncology
Financial | Revenue for the 1st quarter of 2016
Financial | Nanobiotix 2015 Annual Results
Financial | Nanobiotix completes a EUR 21 million private placement
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix’s Soft Tissue Sarcoma pivotal trial progressing well as planned: already 7 countries and 29 sites opened
Financial | Nanobiotix Half Year Results for the period ended 30 June 2015
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix starts Phase I/II clinical trial in liver Metastasis and Hepatocellular Cancer with its lead product NBTXR3
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix reports positive preliminary results in Head and Neck cancer Phase I/II clinical trial with NBTXR3
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix expands Soft Tissue Sarcoma pivotal clinical trial across Europe and beyond, according to plan
Financial | Nanobiotix 2014 Annual Results
Corporate | Nanobiotix appoints its Manufacturing Partner, CordenPharma : another step towards commercialization
Financial | Nanobiotix 2014 Q4 and annual revenues
Corporate | Professor Robert Langer joins Nanobiotix as Scientific Advisor
Financial | Nanobiotix secures financing from a major US investor, to address the US market
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix receives first approval to start phase II/III registration trial in soft tissue sarcoma in Europe
Financial | Nanobiotix reaches the second milestone payment of Bpifrance dedicated to NBTXR3 development in liver cancers
Scientific Clinical | PharmaEngine will join Nanobiotix’ pivotal trial for NBTXR3 in Soft Tissue Sarcoma to accelerate its development in Asia-Pacific
Corporate | Nanobiotix expands operations into the USA
Financial | Nanobiotix Half year Results for the period ended 30 june 2014
Financial | Nanobiotix joins the CAC® PME Index
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix presents successful Phase I results for its lead nanomedicine product NBTXR3 at ASCO
Financial | Nanobiotix Revenue Q1 2014 and new composition shareholding
Corporate | Nanobiotix appoints Thierry Otin as Head of Manufacturing and supply
Financial | Nanobiotix 2013 Annual Results
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix selected to present data from NBTXR3 clinical trial at ASCO
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix sees Clinical Advance in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Pilot Trial with Lead Product, NBTXR3
Financial | Nanobiotix 2013 annual revenues
Corporate | Nanobiotix strengthens its Supervisory Board
Corporate | Nanobiotix 2014 Review, 2015 Anticipated Milestones and Financial Calendar
Corporate | Nanomedicine Map reveals the European landscape and potential
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix strengthens its NanoXray pipeline with the launch of NBTX-TOPO development, the first nanotherapeutic with embedded radar
Corporate | Nanobiotix honored at the INVESTOR AWARDS 2013 in the “Young Talent” category
Corporate | Nanobiotix strengthens its management team
Financial | Nanobiotix Half Year Results for the period ended 30 June 2013
Corporate | Nanobiotix announces €2.8 million grant from bpifrance to accelerate development of NBTXR3 in a third new indication
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix announces the selection of its second NanoXray product, NBTX-IV and a collaboration with the NCI for development
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix receives approval from ANSM to start new Clinical Trial with Lead Product NBTXR3
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix’s NBTXR3 Achieves Clinical Milestone Reaching Proof-Of- Concept in Phase I Trial of Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Financial | Nanobiotix 2012 Annual Results
Corporate | Dr. Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix, receives the UB Entrepreneurship Award from the University at Buffalo, SUNY
Corporate | Nanobiotix Selected to Present at Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry Conference
Corporate | Nanobiotix appoints Dr Alain Herrera to the Supervisory Board
Corporate | Nanobiotix 2013 Review Significant Corporate and Clinical Progress
Corporate | Laurent Levy, CEO Nanobiotix, elected Vice-Chairman of the ETPN
Scientific Clinical | Phase I Independent Data Monitoring Committee confirms good safety of NBTXR3 in the first group of patients with advanced STS
Corporate | Nanomed2020 intends to bring more nanomedicine products to European patients
Corporate | PharmaEngine and Nanobiotix Sign Asia-Pacific Exclusive License and Collaboration Agreement for NBTXR3
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix and Thomas Jefferson University Start Research Collaboration
Corporate | Nanobiotix appoints Dr. Bernd Muehlenweg as a member of the Executive Board
Financial | Nanobiotix receives 1 million euro from OSEO
Scientific Clinical | Nanobiotix Starts Clinical Trial with Lead Product NBTXR3
Corporate | Nanobiotix announces changes to the non-executive board
Corporate | Nanbiotix welcomes Dr Bernd Mühlenweg as Head of Business Development
Corporate | Nanobiotix welcomes Laurent Condomine on board