Our commitments

Nanobiotix is a company built by people for people.
That’s why we encourage our team, friends and families to take an active part in patients’ lives and in society.

Nanomedecine Translation Advisory Board

Laurent Levy is one of the highly experienced experts involved in the project to provide free of charge advice and support to very ambitious European Nanomedicine projects. The Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board (TAB) aims to guide and promote innovative selected Nanomedicine projects by helping them to make the right strategic choices at the right time. Thus time to market to propose innovative products for healthcare of the supported projects could be shortened.

The TAB experts are coming from the pharma and healthcare industries, mainly biotech and nanotech entrepreneurs, but also high level professionals with specific competences (IP, business, regulatory, etc.). They all are experts who already went through these challenges.

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Sharing our passion with students

We love to share our passion for innovation, nanomedicine and entrepreneurship.

The Nanobiotix team is regularly involved in teaching activities or seminars for universities and engineer schools.

Education for the future

Each year, Nanobiotix is organizes high school students' open half-days in its office. These meetings are devoted to educatating future generations to the research world and explaining what nanomedicine is. Discussions with younger generation are fascinating: their concerns, creativity, ambitions and open minds are always a source of inspiration.

ETPN & Nanomed Alliance

Nanobiotix plays an active role in shaping the nanomedicine industry through multiple associations in Europe and in the US.

The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine: Created in 2005, the ETPN is an initiative led by Industry and set up together with the European Commission to address the applications of nanotechnology to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare. The ETPN is structuring and federating the European Nanomedicine community with the goal to improve patient’s access to innovative nanomedicines.

The Nanomedicines Alliance: The Nanomedicines Alliance focuses on the global advancement of nanomedicines from research to commercialization, with the mission to promote and facilitate the scientific advancement, regulatory approval, and public appreciation of nanotechnology‐based medicines world‐wide for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Women’s day

For this day, Nanobiotix wanted to thank each and every woman of the company for their hard work and involvement within the company. Nanobiotix showed its support to a charity that fights for women’s rights by donating a sum corresponding to the number of women in the society.