NBTXR3 Development

The goal of Nanobiotix's product candidates is to help millions of patients receiving radiation therapy by improving its effectiveness in tumor cells without increasing the dose received by surrounding healthy tissue.

About NBTXR3

NBTXR3 is our leading, fully patented, first-in-class product candidate, designed to destroy tumors through physical cell death when activated by radiotherapy. It is developed to be used alone or in combination with anti-PD-1 immunotherapy, across different standards of care.

Under the brand name Hensify®, NBTXR3 obtained its first European CE marking for the treatment of locally advanced soft tissue sarcoma in 27 EU countries. In 2019, Hensify® was awarded the French Prix Galien Award for Innovation. The Prix Galien Award recognizes outstanding achievement in biomedical technology that improves the human condition.

To date, NBTXR3 has been administered in eight clinical trials in several types of cancer with over 230 patients recruited and over 400 physicians involved.

Mode of Action

We engage nanophysics to bring a physical mode of action to destroy cancer cells. This MOA could work across all solid tumours to enhance radiotherapy efficacy. As NBTXR3 has a high degree of biocompatibility, only one administration is needed before the first radiotherapy treatment session. It also has the ability to fit into current worldwide standards of radiation care with no changes in equipment, current patient flow and protocol.

Our Approach

In developing NBTXR3, Nanobiotix has engaged an innovative approach, which differs from the conventional approaches of pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies: a new way of treating patients through nanophysics applied to the heart of the cell. We believe that NBTXR3 activated by radiotherapy can become a new standard of care in the treatment of cancer.

Getting to proof of concept and market approval are necessary steps to prove that our science is sound and that Nanobiotix is equipped to bring a product to market. We successfully filed the CE Marking Application for NBTXR3 in soft tissue sarcoma five years after the treatment of the first patient recruited in our first-in-human clinical study. Subsequently, we launched a large-scale clinical collaboration with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson) that includes nine Phase I clinical trials across several indications.

We aim to expand into other therapeutic areas and exploration of nanotechnology applications for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

Global Development Strategy

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