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7 October 2021

Hafnium Oxide: The Nanoparticle You’ve Probably Never Heard of May Help Millions of People With Cancer

How a nanoparticle composed of hafnium oxide may help us start taking control of the material world at the nanoscale
30 September 2021

We’re a Long Way Off From a Cancer Cure, but Nanophysics May Revolutionize Treatment

Cancer has been called “the emperor of all maladies.” Can it be dethroned by designing products at nanoscale?
11 August 2021

Effects of NBTXR3

Discover how NBTXR3 could expand possibilities for the treatment of cancer and become a new standard of care by enhancing tumor cell destruction and priming immune response.
3 August 2021

From Curie to Nano

Discover how we are expanding the legacy of from Marie Curie and her pioneering work in the discovery of radium.
21 April 2021

Good is the Enemy of Great

“I remember saying to myself, ‘We can really do it. We can make a difference for millions of people.’ It was in that moment that I knew we had to change everything we were doing.” Laurent Levy on how killing a good idea was one of the best ideas ever.
31 March 2021

Exploring Innovation in Cancer Therapy with Nanophysics

We have seen the emergence of innovative treatments for head and neck cancer. While these, advancements are encouraging for patients whom the existing standard of care may not be curative, there is still room for improvement. Laurent Levy speaks to how his focus on the intersection of physics and biology can lead to another new treatment option for head and neck cancer patients.
26 August 2020

Nano and the limitless brain

In the fiction world, we have witnessed countless examples of what would if humans were given limitless capabilities. What if we could really become supra-intelligent, and understand the world better than any human currently does (or ever has)? Laurent Levy discusses the limitless brain and how nano could be a small answer to a big problem.
13 May 2020

Faster Horses – Reinventing the concept of drugs in the healthcare industry

As a key player in building the car industry, Henry Ford made the tremendous leap from horses to cars through a change of perspective. Laurent Levy writes about how changing our perspective in the healthcare industry and reinventing the concept of drugs can lead to a breakthrough in innovative treatments.