About us

"Nanobiotix has been pioneering nanomedicine for more than 17 years to bring a different approach to medicine.

Our therapeutic technologies are not based on biology or chemistry – they are based on physical principles at nanoscale. This paradigm shift has allowed us to discover novel approaches to improving treatment outcomes.

Our company designs and manufactures nanoparticles that safely enhance the efficacy of radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. With this approach, our ambition is to benefit millions of patients who receive radiation therapy by improving the efficiency of radiation in tumor cells without increasing the dose received by surrounding healthy tissues. We believe that radiotherapy combined with NBTXR3 can become a new standard of care in the treatment of cancer.

By viewing the human body through the lens of physics a new realm of possibilities has emerged."

Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix

Nanobiotix History

  • 2003

    Creation of the Company as a spin-off from the University of Buffalo in New York (United States).
  • 2007-2010

    Development of the NanoXray research program
  • 2011

    Authorization of Affsaps (formerly ANSM) to start the first phase I / II (pilot) clinical study in humans and start treatment of the first patient recruited in the study.
  • 2012

    Public listing of Nanobiotix on the Euronext Paris market and partnership with PharmaEngine.
  • 2014

    Creation of the Company's first US subsidiary in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • 2015

    Start of the first clinical trial in the United States with NBTXR3 in Prostate Cancer.
  • 2016

    Filing of the CE Marking Application for NBTXR3 in Soft Tissue Sarcoma.
  • 2017

    Opening of a new facility to expand manufacturing capabilities, increase production capacity and prepare for commercialization.
    FDA approval of Nanobiotix’s first immuno-oncology trial in the US. Opening of two new affiliates in Germany and Spain.
  • 2018

    Launch of a non-dilutive financial partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to a borrow up to 40M€ loan.
    Positive phase II/III results for NBTXR3 in Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • 2019

    Launch of collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for nine new phase I/II clinical trials, treating six cancer indications and involving 340 patients.
    Achievement of European market approval (CE marking) for NBTXR3 ( Hensify®) in the treatment of locally advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma.

Key Figures

European Market Approval (CE marking) in locally advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Clinical trials in 15 countries:
Headquarters in Paris with 3 affiliates:

Paris, France


Cambridge, US


Madrid, Spain


Munich, Germany