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Nanobiotix is a pioneering company developing game changing nanomedicine products to help millions of patients around the globe. Since our inception, our team has been committed to researching and developing disruptive nanomedicine approaches that could revolutionize the way many cancers are treated.

We are looking for highly motivated and creative people who enjoy being challenged and thrive in a highly collaborative environment, to join our team and play a key role in conducting cutting-edge science.

If you are interested in joining Nanobiotix, please send us your resume to We review all resumes carefully. If your background and qualifications are a close fit for any of our current jobs at Nanobiotix, we will contact you directly.

Hiring Fraud Alert! We have recently identified fraudulent activity whereby bad actors are impersonating Nanobiotix senior leadership to solicit personal information from individuals under the guise of employment offers. These bad actors have been contacting potential employment candidates and requesting information including, but not limited to, money transfers for training materials. We have taken immediate action to report these incidents and to inform victims of the fraud. In general, Nanobiotix will never engage in correspondence with a potential employment candidate from email addresses that do not end in Moreover, the company only uses Microsoft Teams or Zoom for recruitment interviews, and will never request payment for onboarding materials.