Evaluating the Broad Potential of NBTXR3

NBTXR3 is designed to disrupt outcomes without disrupting clinical practice

One-time intratumoral administration

Significantly enhances therapeutic index of radiotherapy

Activated by any form of radiotherapy using standard equipment

Adds +1 visit to -50 visits in typical patient flow

Combinability with targeted therapies, chemotherapy and surgery

Consistent overall response rate across all solid tumor indications evaluated to date

Does not change safety and tolerability of RT or immune checkpoint inhibitors

Over 300 patients with cancer treated to date

Universal application across all solid tumors

More than 60% of all cancer patients are treated with RT

Potential to expand and create new market opportunities with targeted therapeutics

NBTXR3 is being developed across solid tumor indications and therapeutic combinations, with an initial focus on locally advanced head and neck cancer

Trial Name
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Expected Milestones
Head and Neck
Locally Advanced
Interim Ph3 Data
2H 2024
Study 102
Final Ph1 Data
2H 2023
Head and Neck
Recurrent And/Or Metastatic
TBD Planning
+ Anti-PD-1
Post new CMO review update
Q3 2023
Study 1100
+ Anti-PD-1
Expansion Data Update
Completed Studies
Demonstrated Safety, Feasibility and Clinical Activity
of NBTXR3-RT* Across Multiple Solid Tumors
Soft Tissue Sarcoma NBTXR3-RT* Rectal** NBTXR3-RT* + Chemo Tx Head and Neck** NBTXR3-RT* + Chemo Tx Liver NBTXR3-RT*
Ongoing Studies
Exploring Safety, Feasibility and Efficacy
of NBTXR3-RT* In Solid Tumors
Head and Neck NBTXR3-RT* + Anti-PD-1 Pancreatic NBTXR3-RT* Esophageal NBTXR3-RT* + Chemo Tx NSCLC NBTXR3-RT*

*NBTXR3-RT: NBTXR3 activated by radiotherapy; **Study terminated prior to completion as result of conclusion of collaboration, results presented at ASCO 22