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The Product

NBTXR3 nanoparticles + gel, to be applied directly into the tumor bed during surgery after the removal of the tumor.


Improve cell targeting to destroy with radiotherapy remaining cancer cells not removed during tumor resection. The goal is to prevent local or distant recurrence caused by any remaining cells.

Dual function

NBTXR3-Gel combines some important functions:

In addition to the principal therapeutic effect, this could improved the accuracy of the destruction of remaining cancer cells, NBTXR3-Gel enables better visualization of the tumor bed as the hafnium crystals are radio-opaque to X-rays. The radiation oncologist can thus better assess the positioning of the “tumor bed”. This improves the accuracy in delivering X-rays exactly to the site of interest after surgery.

Potential indications for this product

The applications of NBTXR3-gel could address all types of post-operative oncology radiation therapies, including breast cancers, lung cancer, vertebral metastasis, etc.