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NanoXRay: First-in-class radioenhancer

Current limitations of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is widely used for the treatment of most oncology indications. More than 60% of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy at some point during their treatment. With surgery, radiotherapy is a cornerstone of most local cancer treatment and it improves the prognosis for many patients.

Source: * World Health Organization; ** RADIATION THERAPY EQUIPMENT – A global strategic business report 08/06

However there are still significant limitations to radiotherapy such as the damage it can cause to surrounding healthy tissues. As a result, many cancer patients receive a dose that is insufficient for tumor destruction.

The NanoXray pipeline aims to address all types of cancer treated by radiotherapy

To meet these high unmet medical needs, Nanobiotix’s pipeline of NanoXray products aim to increase the effectiveness of radiotherapy without increasing the dose received by surrounding healthy tissues.


Improving the efficacy of radiotherapy would increase the overall efficacy of cancer treatment


The NanoXray pipeline is composed of three products based on the same hafnium oxyde core and designed to meet specific clinical needs for different cancers.

How does it work: the accumulation of nanoparticles in cancer cells is enabled by the size and surface coating on NanoXray products. On exposure to ionizing radiation, the hafnium oxide (HfO2) contained in the nanoparticles generates large quantities of electrons, which amplify the dose of energy delivered to the tumor. The dose of X-ray delivered to the tumor is magnified, whilst the dose passing through healthy tissues remains unchanged.

NanoXray products are based on HfO2 nanoparticles, an inert material that only produces an effect when exposed to radiotherapy.

NanoXray boosts the efficacy of classical radiotherapy without changing its mechanism of action, could lead to a substantial increase in the benefit/risk ratio for the patient.

The three products in the NanoXray portfolio differ in the composition of the nanoparticle coating of formulation, which have been developed for three different modes of administration to cover most of the oncology applications:

Local administration to optimally improve the therapeutic index by delivering the product where needed only

Systemic administration when local is not appropriate