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Nanomedicine: key facts

Nanomedicine is already a reality providing concrete and significant benefits to patients. In 2015, 230 nanomedicine products were identified to be either on the market or under development. Enabling technologies in all healthcare areas and major diseases (including cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, musculoskeletal and inflammatory), nanomedicine already accounts for 49 products on the market and 122 products that are moving through the clinical pipeline – half of those are already in Phase II or Phase III trials.

Most applications are currently in the fields of nano-delivery and therapeutics, with 80% of the 230 products identified in these areas. The remaining products concern imaging, diagnostics (in vitro as well as in vivo), vaccines and biomaterials.

The overall nanomedicine market was estimated to be worth between $50.1 and $68 billion in 2011 (LEEM-Bionest Partner study on nanomedicine – Dec 2013). In 2016, it is estimated to reach $129 billion.