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For over 10 years, Nanobiotix has worked on disruptive technologies to provide new, more efficient and less toxic treatments that fit easily into day to day medical practice.

The physical mode of action of nanoparticles is free from the constraints associated with the biological variability of patients and tumors.

Thus, with nanomedicine, it is possible to develop effective and reliable new healthcare solutions that could be used across oncology.

NanoXray, the first platform of product developed by Nanobiotix, is designed to provide the ability to significantly improve the efficacy of radiotherapy or to reduce its toxicity.

NanoXray first-in-class products are radioenhancers that amplify the mode of action of radiotherapy at the cellular level.

It aims to answer unmet medical needs by boosting the effects of radiotherapy, potentially in all local cancers, without changing or disrupting current medical practices.