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Nanobiotix is a late stage clinical company pioneering nanomedicine for more than a decade. We intend to significantly change the outcomes for cancer patients following a different path than other Pharma or Biotech companies: a new way to treat patients thanks to nanophysics at the heart of the cell.

Nanobiotix is a spin-off from the State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo and was incorporated in 2003. Nanobiotix is listed on the regulated market of Euronext Paris on 29 October 2012 (ISIN: FR0011341205, Euronext ticker: NANO, Bloomberg: NANO: FP).


Nanobiotix operates worldwide from the headquarters based in Paris, France and affiliate office in Cambridge, MA, USA. Nanobiotix has partnered with PharmaEngine for clinical development and commercialization of NBTXR3 in Asia.

The company’s first technology, NanoXray, is based on proprietary technologies and patents. The goal of our products is to help millions of patients receiving radiotherapy by magnifying the effect of radiotherapy within tumor cells, without increasing the dose to surrounding healthy tissues.

We develop first-in-class products with the aim to provide a maximum benefit with a minimum change in the medical practice in order to limit the hurdle of healthcare cost.

The most advanced product, NBTXR3, is in registration clinical phase and the Company has filed in August 2016 for market approval (CE Marking) in Europe.