NBTXR3 First in Class Radioenhancer

Physical Mode of Action that could work across all solid tumors to enhance radiotherapy efficacy.

Only one administration

Fits into existing standard of care:

  • No change in equipment
  • No change in current patient flow
  • No change in protocol
  • One product addressing areas of high unmet medical needs.

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    Recent Press Releases

    Nanobiotix announces positive first results from phase I expansion in locally advanced head and neck cancer at ASCO 2020
    Publication of the 2019 Universal Registration Document
    Nanobiotix announces first phase I trial with NBTXR3 in pancreatic cancer is safe to proceed per US FDA



    May 20, 2020

    Assemblée générale mixte

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    29 may - 2 june

    ASCO 2020

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    “Being part of Nanobiotix is a privilege. The privilege of exploring beyond the edge of science and challenging established and existing limits for the good of humankind. The privilege of being part of an extraordinary adventure to enable people to live a better life. The privilege of expanding life.”

    Anne-Juliette Hermant
    Chief People Officer

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